Software operate together with CRUSB, allows:
to CAN bus connect and watch received and transmitted CAN frames. That cans:

  •     watch received and sent CAN frames both 11 and 29 bit
  •     send one or cicle CAN frames
  •     write CAN frames in to text LOG file
  •     data visualisation

  32 bit    
  64 bit   
Operated converter
 CANMonitor v1.0 zip    CRUSB Spartan
 CANMonitor v1.1 zip  CRUSB Spartan 
 CANMonitor v1.2 zip  CRUSB Spartan 
 CANMonitor v1.3 zip  CRUSB Spartan 
 CANMonitor v2.0 zip  CRUSB Spartan 
 CANMonitor v3.0 zip  CRUSB Spartan
 CANMonitor v3.1 zip  CRUSB Spartan
 CANMonitor v3.2 zip  CRUSB Spartan
 CANMonitor v4.0
zip zip  CRUSB Spartan/CRUSB Huzar
 CANMonitor v4.1 zip zip  CRUSB Spartan/CRUSB Huzar
 CANMonitor v4.2 zip zip  CRUSB Spartan/CRUSB Huzar
 CANMonitor v4.3 zip zip   CRUSB Spartan/CRUSB Huzar
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