CANopen Master Source Code

CANopen Master Source Code pdf

The CANopen master source code package offers a variety of configuration options and forms the basis for controlling and monitoring complex CANopen networks. The CANopen master source code provides the complete functionality for integration of the CANopen standards CiA 301, CiA 302 and CiA305 into control systems. Implementation supports the following CANopen services:

  •     Service Data Objects (SDOs), Client and Server
  •     Process Data Objects (PDOs)
  •     Network Management (NMT)
  •     Emergency Messages (EMCY)
  •     Sychronization Messages (SYNC)
  •     Layer Setting Services (LSS)

All services can be parameterized during runtime via the application or via the local object dictionary. You may extend the local object dictionary according to your specific purposes.

Versatile configuration options allow individual customisation to the target system. In addition to the maximum number of supported PDOs, you may also adjust the number of SDO – Client connections as well as the multichannel support, thus adapting the use of resources (RAM/ROM) in an optimum way to the target application prerequisites.

Example codes facilitate the startup phase, enabling the user to focus on the implementation of their own application. A consistent driver interface provides the flexibility to use any CAN controller available on the market.