CANopen temperature aquisition Pt100 / Thermo: µCAN.8.ti-SNAP pdf

The decentralized data acquisition unit µCAN.8.ti-SNAP is equipped with 8 inputs for thermocouples or Pt100 sensors. The integrated CAN interface supports CANopen and J1939 protocols, bit rate and node-ID may be set via DIP switches inside the device or via LSS.
At a width of only 22.5 mm our temperature transducer is ideally suited for rail assembly in a control cabinet and may be combined with all other modules of the MicroControl µCAN-SNAP family via backplane bus.



CANopen 8-channel pulse width modulator output: µCAN.8.pwm-SNAP pdf

The µCAN.8.pwm-SNAP component at its 8 outputs provides pulse width modulated signals (PWM) within the range of 0% to 100% for controlling of actuators (valves etc.).
The outlets are overload and short circuit protected. The µCAN.8.pwm-SNAP is connected with the central control unit via the CAN-bus.



CANopen 8-channel digital module: µCAN.8.dio-SNAPpdf

The µCAN.8.dio-SNAP is designed for universal digital signal acquisition.
Its eight I/O-terminals can be programmed freely as inputs or outputs.
The µCAN.8.dio-SNAP is connected to the central control unit via CAN bus.