ic digsy mtc gb

digsy® MTC-GB pdf

32-bit process and visualization controller for flexible and customized solutions with outstanding efficiency. Programmable according to IEC-61131-3 (CoDeSys V3).

digsy® MTC-GB is based on a 32-bit 400 MHz control system with integrated graphic processor. Up to two displays and 6 cameras can be connected. Only a single cable (max. 10m) is required to connect the controller with the display. You can choose the screen diameter from 8.4" up to 12.1", all with a resolution of 800x600 pixel. As novelty the displays have a scratch-proof touch-screen which is still operable with gloves. digsy® MTC-GB is programmable with CoDeSys and its integrated target visualization.
Having one program in one location for control function and visualization is the big plus of the digsy® MTC-GB.

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