ic digsy fusion s

digsy® Fusion Spdf dis

2nd generation 32-bit safety controller. Free programmable with CODESYS 3.5 SIL 2, according to IEC-61131-3

With its Performance Level (PL) d, KAT 3 according to EN ISO 13849 the digsy fusion® S meets the latest safety requirements, which ensures that it can be considered for machines with a long product life cycle.

Solution for a wide range of vehicles. Due to its scalability from 48 up to 240 I/O's a wide range of vehicles can be economically automated on the basis of a single control system. The high number of safe inputs allows for the requirements of redundant designed sensors.

Subsequent, customer specific modifications of a machine. The long life cycle of mobile machines requires mandatorily the necessity to adapt existing machines to the modified market requirements. The digsy fusion® S supports this by the possibility to process two programs on one controller in parallel. Thereby the first program (safe program) is responsible for the safe functions, while the second program (standard program) processes e.g. comfort functions. It is guaranteed that the standard program works without interference to the safe program. Modifications and customizations of the standard program can be realized fast and without extensive safety analyses.

Unlimited powerful. Particularly at demanding tasks the performance of a safety controller must not be affected by internal tests and diagnostics. This is warranted by the redundancy of the two 32-bit CPUs which are working in Lock-Step-Mode. Beyond that, complex trigonometric calculations are supported by a redundant FPU.
The management of the redundant CPU and FPU is carried out internally and is not visible for the user. Thus, only one safety program needs to be written.

Highly communicative. With Ethernet and USB the digsy fusion® S safety controller comes with powerful interfaces, which can transmit even huge data volumes in a short period of time. Thereby a comfortable connection of laptop, modem or router for the up/download of user data, programs or the analyses of logging-data is warranted. Over the USB-interface external mass storage devices can be connected. The possibility to load software in a service case from an USB-stick, completes the functional range of the interfaces. For the communication to nodes, sensors or further controllers, 4 CANbus interfaces are available which can be used with standard protocols such as CANopen, CANopen Safety, J1939 or with proprietary ones.

Standard programming environment for mobile machines. With the new version CODESYS 3.5 SIL2 a powerful software development environment is available to the software engineer, which supports him in particular in the realization of safety related functions. Both, the safe program and the standard program are written with the same software development environment.


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